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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The RH Bill: An Act of Religious Persecution


The word “totalitarian” is used to describe dictatorships (such as the Nazi and the Communist dictatorships) that rule and keep power not only by using brute military force, but also by forcibly indoctrinating its citizens into believing its ideology. Such dictatorships exercise “total” (hence “totalitarian”) control because not only do they control the lives of their citizens, they also control what these citizens think and want.

The Reproductive Health Bill is fully totalitarian in this respect. It requires that the Philippine government indoctrinate children and young couples into adopting a pro-contraceptive and (therefore) anti-Catholic ideology when it comes to Reproductive Health. Does the Philippine government want to become known as acting in the same manner and Hitler and Stalin?

In Section 12 of the RH Bill, we find that the POPCOM is mandated to enforce a common “reproductive health” curriculum in ALL schools (public and private), for Grade 5 to 4th Year High School. This curriculum, among others, will cover “Reproductive health and sexual rights” and “attitudes, beliefs and values on sexual development, sexual behavior and sexual health”.

Since when has it been the government’s task to impose a common curriculum on ALL schools (and, therefore, on all students) and to dictate what our young and impressionable children should THINK and BELIEVE regarding sex?

Not even in the most liberated Western countries do we see anything like this!

What is more frightening is that the curriculum will be imposed on ALL schools, without respect for the religion or philosophy of that school. Therefore, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Buddhist schools will all be FORCED to teach the SAME BELIEFS about sex and “reproductive health”. Furthermore, this curriculum and the beliefs contained in it will be dictated by POPCOM – an institution known for its public and systematic criticism of the Catholic Church, affiliated with ideologues from UP Diliman (who are not known for their friendliness to religions of any and all stripes).

This is not the only such provision in the Bill.

Section 14 requires that any couple that wants to get legally married in this country must first go to their local Family Planning Office and be instructed about, among other things, “family planning” and “responsible parenthood.”
Given that the RH Bill consistently and clearly prefers artificial to natural family planning and defines responsible parenthood as including the promotion of artificial family planning, this means only one thing: that anyone who wants to legally married in this country will be required by the government to be first instructed (indoctrinated) as why artificial family planning is good and desirable and how to use artificial contraception. This is in blatant disregard of the religious beliefs of the Church to which the majority of Filipinos belong.

This Bill, in short, attempts to suppress the right of all religious bodies and of families in the Philippine -- especially the Catholic Church -- to transmit their respective values on sex and reproductive health. Instead, it will force these bodies to yield their rights to a group of secular and anti-religious ideologues from a secular university, who are using the Philippine government as cover for their scheme to impose their beliefs on all of our young children.

This RH BILL is an act of religious persecution and totalitarian indoctrination and must be resisted and fought by all God-fearing Filipinos!

This paper was distributed in the House of Representatives by pro-life advocates in 2008

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  1. We are really at the end of times era. These are all Satans works. The Government maybe should pass a Bill instead that teaches sex without marriage is a crime, having sex with person other than your spouse is a crime.

    People have been persuaded by the devil that they are entitled to have sex when they choose, rejecting any unwanted life that may result. The enemy may tell you “God is too demanding and unreasonable”. “If we distributed more condoms we would not have disease or the need to abort babies”. “It’s God’s fault because God’s Church is against the use of condoms”.

    Sexual intercourse, by its nature and intent is potentially life giving act. This is God’s version. The enemy’s version is that sex can be closed to give life and used for physical pleasure only. Enemy’s version of sex is selfish, emotionally dangerous, and bad for humanity. The enemy offers an answer to this too, and led souls to avoid consequences by offering widespread contraception and abortion. Both men and women are now told that sinful sexual behaviors are allowable and acceptable. God intends that a man and woman enter a blessed union (through marriage) and then share their sexuality with one another. The devil is mocking God because he depicts God’s purpose. He is laughing because many led astray on this sin.