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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pro, anti-RH bill clash outside Manila Cathedral

I normally don't post news articles here (as opposed to commentary or opinion pieces) but I'm making an exception for this one:

Pro, anti-RH bill clash outside Manila Cathedral


  1. give me some idea about the rh bill...
    wat it is all about?

  2. Why focus on the act of sex? It is as natural as the sun. A man and a woman in love or in lust won't be stopped. Romeo loves Juliet and all the love stories in the entirety of human civilization is a testament to that fact.

    It isn't that a man and a woman would engage in sex, it is about instilling for each person a sense of responsibility. It isn't about setting limits, it is about preparing a man and a woman for the responsibility of parenthood. It is about getting them to accept responsibility for their action.

    It should be, sure go and have sex, use all the tools at your disposal for safe sex. When the woman becomes pregnant, it isn't her fault. It takes two to tango and the story now shifts to how do you raise that child. The story now becomes, these are my children and I want them to be better than I had. That baby needs to be fed, to be clothed, to go to school.

    The story now becomes, "how do I step up?" The question becomes, "how do I become a gift to this woman, and this child?" It even goes back to the question of what human freedom is, which is by foregoing ourselves, we become free.

    The culture of death isn't about abortion or artificial contraceptives, it is the culture that refuses to take responsibility. It is the culture of selfishness.

    What the mistake is, the Church insists on defending life, but refuses to responsibly engage society. It isn't about population control, it isn't even about artificial contraceptives.

    If the church is able to instill a sense of responsibility in its flock, why would it matter if a couple engages in sex using an artificial contraceptive?

    At the moral heart of it, is that absence of courage and strength that when life is created, we step up for that new life. it is that absence of taking responsibility for one's actions before the sex act and after.

    This whole notion that Filipinos seem to think, that a child is the pathway out of poverty is an ugly head. A child is seen as a tool. It is the parent's job to make sure that that child grows up better than they do, and not because they see that kid as a way out of poverty.

    The Church by refusing to engage the state constructively, enters its own destructive path. It needs to propagate the idea the being responsible is a necessary condition for showing your love that indeed what you feel for her is authentic love.