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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Michael Voris against the RH Bill

(Originally posted in the morning of February 25, 2011)

UPDATE: Here's a transcription of Mr. Voris' talk of this video, thanks to Mr. Rommel Lopez, a Knight of Columbus:

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed . I’m Michael Voris coming to you for the next week from beautiful Manila in the Philippines.

We left Detroit in a blizzard and landed to a very welcome 82 degrees after 22 hours of flying and not much sleep.

We came to the Philippines because of a series of pro-life talks going on in the country’s capital centering. I’m happy to say I’m one of the invited speakers to the various conferences sponsored by faithful Catholics in cooperation with their bishops who are unafraid to battle against the culture of death. Being in Manila reminds me of an event that happened here more than 30 years ago. It was THE world heavyweight championship boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier that took place in September 1975. It was a slugfest still seen as the most brutal of all. Because of its ferocity it was dubbed the Thrilla’ in Manila! 

It might be apropos then that another epic battle is shaping up in this capital city. Another slugfest of epic proportions – but this one will have results that last much longer than some yellowed sports pages and old movies. This one is a fight to the death  -- physically and spiritually -- and it’s over contraception, which of course will ultimately mean abortion as well. In this corner Jesus Christ and the infallible teachings of His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. In the other corner Satan and all his usual allies: the secular media Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights. At issue? The nation’s current laws which in general forbid or greatly restrict contraception. 

The Philippines is an overwhelmingly Catholic country 85 percent of the population. But little by little through the insidiousness of the secular media, movies, TV, news reporting, the creeping culture of death is getting a foothold. They actually established a beachhead and gotten to all the right kind of people: lawmakers and celebrities. And now a legislative war of titanic proportions is being fought in the halls of the nation’s government.

If this all sounds like “Back to the Future” to you, don’t be alarmed. You’re right. This is the same war that happened in the United States and Europe right about the time that Ali and Frazier were pounding each other’s brains out here in the Philippines back in the mid-1970’s.

Contraception used to be illegal in the United States and not that long ago. Certainly within living memory of many of our viewers. But in the mid 1960s a public relations campaign that proved very effective at the end of the day was waged in the media and the courts.

Eventually the US Supreme Court ruled that a “right to privacy” existed in the US Constitution which permitted married couples to use contraception. That was the camel’s nose under the tent. Soon the right to privacy was extended to unmarried couples, then a right to kill an unborn child which resulted from failed contraception then further extended to homosexuals having sex. It’s a tried and true plan on the part of the secular atheist crowd. They talk about over population and poverty and how large families and unintended pregnancies keep a country in economic slavery. How the poor will always be poor as long as they are getting pregnant.

That the only solution is the humane one of “family planning and contraception”. They produce charts and graphs and enlist the help of TV and radio and newspaper journalists, all who support these positions , to lie about them and slowly over a period of months and years of never-ending beating of the drum through TV shows and editorials and advertisements and clever marketing campaigns and news reports focusing on one individual’s problems and woes . Through all these methods they slowly get into the minds of the populace who begin to believe the hype and the lies. With having planted enough doubt into people’s minds they also focus on politicians who accept money from the Planned Parenthood type groups. International pressure is brought to bear through UN studies and recommendations and reports and committees’ findings.

Foreign aid by the billions is dangled in front of them to sweeten the deal. A tsunami of disinformation, propaganda, lies, money, celebrity and glamour is presented and soon the tide begins to turn in their favor. Once all the groundswell work has been put in place the secularists and Planned Parenthood turn their attention to the courts and lawmakers. The Philippines has a government system much like the US ,with two houses (an upper and a lower), a President and a Supreme Court. Right now, a  huge battle is being waged in the lower house to pass what is called the RH bill -- Reproductive Health. Coverage of it has been extensive not only in the Philippines but also in of all places the New York Times and other western media. We’ve attached a few links to these stories and reports which details the efforts of the anti-life crowd right over here including the propaganda from Planned Parenthood that is widely quoted in the Philippines .. most of it lies or distortions. But the again .. Planned Parenthood makes a handsome living off its lies so no surprise there.

Within the next couple of weeks the lower house of government is expected to vote on whether to pass the RH bill and thus pave the way for contraception to become legitimate in this vastly Catholic country. Unlike many of their counterparts in the US and Europe the Catholic bishops in the Philippines are speaking out strongly and loudly and boldly about the evil of contraception. Some are on record as saying that if this becomes law they will oppose it so strongly that they will go to jail. Talk about a night and day difference between many US and European bishops and these champions of the Faith.

Bishops in the west barely make a peep about contraception, much less threaten to go to jail over the issue or any issue for that fact; but the Filipino bishops have the deep faith and love of Our Lord and his teachings that they know what this will all lead to and they love their people enough to not want the evil of contraception, and then abortion and homosexuality, to be unleashed on them.

We’re going to be meeting with and being introduced to a number of these bishops during the coming week and we will be certain to send them these heroes of the Faith all your greetings and warmest wishes and prayers for their success in the coming battle. The Ali-Frazer battle can’t hold a candle to this upcoming Thrilla in Manila. Keep these men and their faithful flock who are fighting hard to turn back the forces of death in your prayers. We’ll have more for you all this week as we report from The Philippines. GOD Bless you.

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