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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An interesting prediction

Better posted late than never...

15 Reasons why the RH Bill will not pass under PH’s 15th President
Willy Arcilla

(Originally posted on the Philippine Graphic website on April 13, 2011)

1. The RH Bill is an evil bill that violates most of the 10 commandments because it promotes greed (manifested in a contraceptive mentality, “more people leads to more poverty”) and lust (a safe and satisfying sex life without consequence). It will lead to the death of thousands of Filipino babies from abortifacient contraceptives and pave the way for abortion as in other countries that have adopted the RH bill. It dishonors our parents who chose life and conceived each of us and most of all, it disobeys the will of God whose infinite love to share His goodness led to the creation of life.

2. The RH Bill is based on wrong economics as proven by Nobel Prize laureates who have long debunked the Malthusian theory of population doom. There is no correlation between poverty and population. The Philippines is not densely populated but rather, economic activity has not been dispersed effectively. The poorest municipalities in the Philippines can be found in Mindanao, a sparsely populated island. On the other hand, Asian economic tigers are more densely populated than the Philippines but far more progressive due to their leadership and economic strategy.

3. The RH Bill is unsafe and unhealthy because birth control pills have proven to be carcinogenic and IUDs have punctured the walls in the uterus of female users. On the other hand, condoms are ineffective in protection against HIV-AIDS because their pinholes are larger than the size of the virus, so while it creates a false sense of security, it breeds a culture of sexual promiscuity that also leads to marital infidelity, separation and divorce, broken families, single parent children and social dysfunction.

4. The RH Bill will be counterproductive based on the crisis of depopulation being experienced by countries that have adopted an aggressive population control policy. They are now facing a demographic winter of aging and shrinking populations. No less than US President Bill Clinton said last year, “You have a large and young population that is a BOON,” while the founder of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew has publicly rued and regretted the aggressive population control policy they initiated.

5. The Church has been faithful and consistent in its teachings, and it has been successful in generating support to reject the RH Bill through a series of activities that culminated in a successful Prayer Rally last March 25th, on the solemnity of the Feast day of the Anunciation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel. A senior police officer estimated the crowd to be at least 300,000 while Radio Veritas placed it at 500,000, based on past gatherings. This excludes the millions nationwide and around the world who were listening in to Radio Veritas. Most of all, none received compensation for their participation unlike other rallies.

6. Significantly, the March 25th Prayer Rally was Inter-Faith, including Filipino brethren from different religions and sects and featuring the marginalized sectors—the poor and the women, the young and the old, from all over the country and even around the world, all coming together to stand as one people, “United under God for life,” and altogether chanting, “Obey God’s will. Stop the RH bill!”

7. The media, too, has started to take notice and provide more print space and airtime to air the views of the Holy Mother the Church so all the people may be enlightened.

8. Increasingly more congressmen are choosing to be Pro-Life and Anti-RH Bill as they begin to fully understand the implications of the bill and the hidden agenda of its proponents, backed by anti-God governments and greedy pharmaceutical companies. Our congressmen are beginning to realize we don’t need more priests to become politicians; rather, we need our politicians to become priestly, striving for holiness.

9. Increasingly more Filipino citizens, the electorate, are choosing to be Pro-Life and Anti-RH Bill as they, too, learn more about the evils and errors of the RH Bill. They are also beginning to take heed of the exhortation of the Pope that parents are the primary educators of their children, so instead of sex education they are giving love education, guiding and leading their children, forming, directing and enlightening their conscience, infused by the 7 gifts and 12 fruits of God the Holy Spirit. In an ongoing survey on Facebook, at least 35% voted against the RH Bill, a spectacular 5-fold increase in a span of 5 months vs. the 7% reported by the SWS last November. Since most members of Facebook are the youth, it is highly probable that the number is significantly higher if we include the older and more conservative Filipinos.

10. The President’s advisers cannot and will not deny the groundswell from the people and the inspiration from God, speaking through their conscience to reject the Bill. They realize this can accelerate the downfall of the President whose popularity has been slipping because he will further lose the support of the Church and the grace of God. He will realize that all the natural calamities and man-made disasters are not just force majeure, but acts of God that serve the purpose of warning the Filipino people.

11. The President will honor his father and mother who chose life to conceive him, because he knows he won on the strength of Cory, a staunch pro-life advocate. He will honor the late Jaime Cardinal Sin who was pivotal in the success of EDSA 1 through People Power, who defied population control measures under former President Ramos, mustering over 1 million faithful to converge in Luneta in 1995.

12. He realizes that even if the late President Marcos was associated with the death of human rights activists and political opponents, nothing will compare with the millions of lives that will be destroyed by the RH Bill if it passes under him. He realizes that even if the disgraced President Estrada had lost his moral ascendancy and the administration of former President Arroyo was declared morally bankrupt, nothing can compare with the immorality that will choke the Filipino people if it passes under him. Not only babies will be lost, but Filipino souls will be lost to eternal damnation.

13. The President will realize his role is to become the Pastoral President who will lead his flock to the Promised Land, and that his electoral slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” includes specially, the corruption of values due to the RH Bill. He will evolve this line into, “Kung walang suwapang, walang mahirap” and encourage the rich to help the poor while the poor will help themselves so that instead of Reproductive Health, we shall have Reproductive Wealth, where wealth begets more wealth through all forms of profit-sharing because workers who are part-owners are more productive. They will drive revenues, cut costs and conserve cash on their own without being told. He knows when the poor become rich, the rich become wealthy. He understands that poverty is not a health problem, but an economic one. In fact, he knows that poverty is not an economic issue, but at the core of it, it is a moral issue.

14. In honor of his father, the late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., our martyr who died with a rosary, and who ennobled the Filipino with his immortal words, “The Filipino is worth dying for,” P-Noy can sanctify the Filipino with the words, “God is worth dying for.” He will even want to revise the Lupang Hinirang which currently has no mention of God as follows: “Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa Diyos,” thus transforming our National Anthem into our National Prayer.

15. Finally, while staying true to his inaugural speech at which he famously said, “Kayo ang boss ko,” he will affirm, “. . . nguni’t ang Diyos ang Boss nating lahat.” Here lies the core of P-Noy’s leadership philosophy, that “Leadership is Discipleship” which will inspire Filipinos to fulfill our mission as the light of the world, and “renew the face of the earth” as the world’s largest English-speaking Catholic country.

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