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Friday, March 16, 2012

Who should pay for cheap contraceptives?

Dr. Abraham Daniel Campo Cruz posted the following on a Facebook discussion page on pro-life matters. I am sharing this with his permission, with some minor editing: 

Supporters of the RH Bill say that we should lower the price of contraceptives for better access of the poor. However, we already have RA 9025, also known as the Cheaper Medicines Act: 
SEC. 23. List of Drugs and Medicines that are Subject to Price Regulation. - The list of drugs and medicines that are subject to price regulation shall include, inter alia: 
(c) Drugs and medicines indicated for prevention of pregnancy, e.g., oral contraceptives; 
The difference is that under RA 9025, it is the retailer/pharmacy or pharmaceutical company that will have to shoulder the expenses, so that the meds will be sold at the recommended retail price. 
However, under the RH Bill, it is the ultimately the Filipino people in general, through taxes as part of the National Budget or Phillhealth contributions, who will shoulder the expenses. In short, Filipino taxpayers will have to pay for contraceptive drugs and devices. These are things that observant Filipino Catholics  -- who certainly form a significant portion of Filipino taxpayers -- consider as morally objectionable.  
This angle makes the RH Bill an issue of poor implementation of RA 9025, increasing the tax burden of the Filipino people, and a violation of conscience of practicing Filipino Catholics who are thus forced to pay for something they consider morally objectionable.


  1. So Isn't that alost the same as the HHS mandate except in our country we do not have mandatory health insurance