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Monday, September 3, 2012

From the Ateneo: 3 brave lay theology teachers speak out in defense of the authentic Catholic teaching on conscience

This declaration is the response of three theology teachers of the Ateneo De Manila to the erroneous understanding of conscience that underpins the public support recently given to the RH bill (or at least to the alleged moral right of Catholics to publicly support that bill) by 192 Ateneo professors and by Fr. Joaquin Bernas SJ.

These three teachers also condemn the bitter hatred of the Church that has been unleashed in the aftermath of the statements of support for the RH bill given by the pro-RH Ateneo professors.

Mr. Rafael Dy-Liacco took his Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R) in Yale Divinity School, Mr. Markus Locker has a Ph.D in Philosophy from Monash University in Melbourne, and Josemaria Roberto V. Reyes, whose Bachelor's degree is in Management (from ADMU), is currently a candidate for MA in Theology from Loyola School of Theology.

Statement of Catholic Theology Teachers on Conscience and Faith

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