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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Singles for Christ statement versus the RH Bill

From the website of SFC Global:

April 26, 2012

Dear fellow Filipinos: 

With the Congress` upcoming opening session, CFC Singles for Christ urgently renews its stand against the RH Bill and its commitment to life. 

The forces that are pushing to have the RH Bill passed into law are blind to the impact of similar bills in other countries. While appealing to a sense of “progressiveness” and modernity, the bill directly attacks values central to the Filipino family and specifically, to womanhood. 

We propose to our fellowmen and to our legislators: 

1.) Champion family planning methods that strengthen Filipino marriages. Contraception destroys the bond of love and trust between couples. Aside from this seemingly intangible effect, research shows that contraceptives cause cancer, irregular bleeding, and depression, among others. At heightened risk to women, the RH Bill ishardly “empowering women” nor is it really looking after “maternal health.” As future mothers and fathers, Singles for Christ, we believe natural family planning methods show true respect and honor, not just for the human body, but for the human person. 

2.) Uphold the right to life of the most powerless person, the unborn. Singles for Christ believes that total human liberation should not be limited to human persons who are able to articulate their own aspirations, but extends to the tiniest human being, whom the RH Bill proposes we should all be “empowered” to annihilate at will. 

3.) Use government funding for poverty alleviation not for contraception. As a community dedicated to working with the poor, we believe that state funding should be given to more pressing national concerns like poverty and corruption and NOT to institutionalize contraceptives as “essential medicines”, as if pregnancy were a disease. 

We may not be parents at present, but we have a huge stake in the future state of the Filipino family. It is for our yet to be born children that we oppose the RH Bill. Again, CFC Singles for Christ reiterates that it has been and will always be on the side of life, and decidedly against the RH Bill. We humbly enjoin our legislators to uphold the interests of their unborn constituents and work so that the best choices are given to the Filipino people. 

Michael Ariola 
International Coordinator 
CFC Singles for Christ

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