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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UP Student Catholic Action versus the RH Bill

UP Student Catholic Action Stand on RH Bill 
A call for Truth, Freedom, Justice and Love 

As both houses of the Philippine Congress convene for the resumption of sessions, our (75 years of) undaunted vigilance as (the University of the Philippines Student Catholic Action) calls us to proclaim and defend the values attacked by the Reproductive Health Bill in its various facets. 

WE CALL FOR TRUTH. Let the fiction of Reproductive Health needs be exposed for the fabrication that it is. Let there be an end to the safe sex myth that covers up the harms caused by contraceptives, ranging from carcinogenic to abortifacient effects. Let the underlying fear-mongering due to the population explosion hoax be stopped. Let the scientific, medical, economic, demographic, and constitutional facts – that life begins at conception, that our population size is an asset, that our state enshrines protection of the unborn, that not people but corruption and improper government priorities are the main causes of our economic problems – bring finality once and for all to the verbal engineering used to decorate the redundant population control deception. 

WE CALL FOR FREEDOM. Let the liberty that is enshrined in the constitution and which is fundamental in every human being be respected and protected. Let parents have, by virtue of their being proper guardians, the primary and decisive role in the formation of their children, free from unwanted intrusion of sex agendas integrated in school formation by the state. Let couples be not constrained from receiving marriage licenses shall they not comply with reception of contraceptive instruction that may be against their personal beliefs. Let homes decide and not be meddled with in determining their ideal family size. Let schools, especially the religious ones, be not compelled to teach mandatory contraceptive ‘education’ to students. Let medical practitioners, in line with their conscience and promises declared in the Hippocratic Oath, be not coerced into performing or prescribing contraceptive procedures which may result to medical complications of patients. Let employers be not burdened, even if unwilfully, with entitling their employees with contraceptive services. Let the state, rather than penalizing with imprisonments and fines and crippling the rights of its citizens be guided by the principle of Subsidiarity, and not usurp powers and judgments rightfully delegated to parents, students, couples, families, schools, employers, and healthcare practitioners. 

WE CALL FOR JUSTICE. Let human rights be guaranteed for all people, especially the most small, the helpless, and the very young – for that a human being is the size of a pinprick does not take away his or her humanity, and never would be a justification for the injustice of abortifacient murder of most innocent lives. Let distributive justice guide the proper appropriation of resources where such is most needed – education, agricultural reform, employment generation, health – and not for the mere satisfaction of lust through contraceptives which are after all widely available. 

WE CALL FOR LOVE. Let us look at the Filipino as a person of potential and not as a population problem. Let us see every offspring as a blessing to be nurtured and not exterminated. Let us reclaim the sexual faculty for its beautiful nature of procreation and union, and not of mere recreation, that is perverted by the contraceptive culture of the misnomer ‘safe’ or ‘protective’ intercourse. As members of UPSCA, we irrevocably stand for the ultimate foundation of Human Rights – that is the Truth that men are created in the image and likeness of the Almighty. We pray that this dignity be upheld and be not compromised for the sake of purporting economic development. May Love propel us to the realization that through safeguarding Life and Freedom, we practice the virtue of Justice to ourselves and to our fellowmen. Urged on by the beacons of Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Love, we call for the immediate disposal of the Reproductive Health Bills and the prioritization of the pro-life bills HB 19 of Rep. Roilo Golez titled “An Act Providing for the Safety and Protection of the Unborn Child” , SB 2497 of Sen. Juan Ponce-Enrile titled “Protection of the Unborn Child Act”, and HB 3667 of Rep. Amado Bagatsing titled “New Anti-Abortion Act of 2010”. Let us not compromise Life and Human Dignity with undaunted liberalism, unsound freethinking, and unbridled modernization. 



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