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Monday, December 17, 2012

Patriarch of the Charismatic Episcopal Church denounces the RH Bill

From CBCP for Life:

Patriarch of the International Communion of the
Charismatic Episcopal Church

Dear Brothers,

Subject: THE RH BILL

I have been following closely the progress of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines. The recent vote in the Congress that gave support to this vehicle of death has grieved my heart and my spirit. How hard it is to believe that by only nine votes there is the possibility that a holocaust will be unleashed on the people of such beautiful islands, with a culture rich in the Christian values of life, children and family. It is also distressing to see that the legislation also provides for fine and imprisonment for those who would spread “as yet to be define “malicious falsehoods” about the bill. Yet, the proponents of this bill spread lies. Children are not the cause of poverty! Industrialized societies that purchased the lies of “population control” as the way to prosperity are now struggling with a insufficient workforce to maintain a growing retired and elderly population. Their economies are collapsing under the weight of bloated pension plans. And, their very cultures are on the brink of extinction. Some are now paying parents to have children. You know, much better than myself, that poverty is a result of civil wars, the remnants of colonialism, social un-rest, greed, and corruption. There is strong evidence that many densely populated countries are developing not because of contraception and abortion but rather by creating new infrastructures, educating the people, creating dynamic free markets, and eliminating corruption in government and courts.

The Feast of the Nativity and the whole season of the Incarnation reminds us again that life is sacred. That children are a blessing. That children are our inheritance from the Father. The wicked will not prevail. The wicked are calling God a liar. Yet, they are liars from the beginning and it is no wonder they call children a curse.

I want to thank you that as Bishops you have spoken truth to your people. That they are not ignorant and so will not be deceived in these dark and evil days. I want you to know that I stand with you, your clergy, and your people, as well as all the people of the Philippines. We will be victorious because Christ is on the throne.

I want to thank Abp. Hines who has stood boldly for life in the Patriarch’s Council and as we have tried to write Canons. He is a strong man of God and filled with wisdom.

This is not a political issue. This is a fight against wicked and evil principalities, powers, and rulers in the heavenly realms. Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual to the tearing down of the stronghold of death. I stand in prayer with you both privately and at every Eucharist when we lift up Jesus – the Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world.

Under His mercy,

+Craig, Patriarch

Courtesy of Mrs. Marilou Lorenzo Villavicencio

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