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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Time to Kill Bill 5043

The rights of the unborn and freedom of religion are under grave attack. Congressman Lagman’s anti-life Bill pending in Congress, now known as consolidated House Bill 5043, has been gaining support. If we don’t do something about it, Congress may just make the Bill into law.

The so-called “reproductive health” Bill contains provisions that promote abortion and will force people to act against their conscience.

Section 9 of the Bill, for example, subsidizes IUD insertion, among other things. Section 10 classifies hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices, and injectables as “essential medicines” and subsidizes their procurement. Hormonal contraceptives and the IUD, however, are known abortifacients. They prevent the implantation of the fertilized ovum (which is already a human being whose rights are recognized and protected by the Philippine Constitution), eventually leading to its destruction. This is an early chemical abortion.

Section 17, on the other hand, mandates employers must provide such abortifacients to employees. It states that, “All Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) shall provide for the free delivery by the employer of reasonably quantity of reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all workers, more particularly women workers.”

Section 21, number 5, requires doctors and health workers to dispense such abortifacients and other artificial contraceptive devices and methods. If they refuse to do so on religious grounds, they must still refer those who want to use such abortifacients to another person who will dispense them. Conscientious objectors are thereby required to cooperate in such acts, trampling on their religious rights. Those who refuse are subject penalties ranging from 1-6 months imprisonment and a fine of P10,000-P50,000!

Stand Up and Be Counted

Couples for Christ has launched an online campaign against this monstrosity posing as a “health” Bill. Check out the following URL:

Kill Bill 5043

There’s another petition against HB 5043, this time created by an individual. Please sign this too!

No to Reproductive Health Bill (HB5043)

Be counted and kill this murderous Bill! We have to stand and protect the rights of unborn children and the right of each of person to follow his conscience, free of government coercion. Online petitions may not have the force of written petitions with real signatures, but they do have some moral force. If you wish to register your opposition to this Bill online, you may do so using those petitions.
If you have time, you may also wish to write a letter to your favorite newspaper, your local government officials, and to your Congressman and any Senator. Let them know you are against this coercive and dangerous Bill.

And in 2010, make sure you DON’T vote for Lagman and his accomplices in Congress.
By: Manny Amador, and posted on the Katoliko.Org website.


  1. we all have our own choices!!! this bill doesn't take back our freedom of choice but it strengthen our choices to the prevention of more wasted life. what is life after all if we ourselves cannot give a good future. besides, this is not abortion! sino ang mas kawawa? ang batang wala future or yung mother na wala paki-alam sa future? you always say life is a gift...what kind of gift r u talking about?

  2. I just finished writing my article entitled: 10 Reasons Why We Should Kill RH Bill. I just want to share this to you in support of the Catholic's stand against it. Kindly follow the link below:

    As a licensed forester, I learned in our university that an ecology is healthy if it is diverse- meaning, with different forms of life available. Like in every society, I believe it is also healthy if there were opposing views because that means people were thinking.

    So I really appreciate the Catholic Position about RH Bill even if it is against the State (PNoy's stand in particular).

    I pray for the best. God bless the Philippines! God bless everyone!