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Sunday, June 21, 2009

(Links) 13 Essays of Francisco Tatad Versus the RH Bill

Regardless of how one views the political career and opinions of former Senator Francisco Tatad, he remains one of Asia's most forceful exponents of orthodox Catholic teaching on human life and sexuality issues. His blog, First Things First, is rich in posts that expose the RH bill for what it is, in the clear and powerful light of the teachings of the Holy Fathers.
Retire the Reproductive Health Bill (On why the RH bill goes against the Philippine constitution.) This essay also has its own post on this blog: link.
The Gospel according to SWS (A response to the pro-RH bill SWS survey.)
A Reading from 14 Ateneo Professors (A response to the Ateneo professors who declared in favor of the RH Bill.)
Second Letter to Sen. Pia Cayetano (Describes some legal and constitutional objections to the RH bill.)
No need to be wrong on contraception (A response on moral and theological grounds to UP Law Dean Raul Pangalangan's broadside against the Catholic Church over the RH Bill.)
The Truths and Half-Truths about Reproductive Health (revised version). This is a comprehensive study of the Reproductive Health Bill and is ESSENTIAL reading for all who want to know why this bill ought to be rejected. Health, demographic, economic, legal-constitutional, Church-State, philosophical and moral arguments for and objections to the RH bill are extensively discussed.
Fated to self-destruct (On the rights of the State and legal / constitutional issues vis-a-vis the RH bill.)
The New Central Economy Planners (More on economic, moral and constitutional issues vis-a-vis the RH bill.)
No Place for the RH Bill in Our Law (A shorter version of "What's Wrong with the Reproductive Health Bill.") This has its own post in this blog: link.

What's Wrong with the Reproductive Health Bill? (Briefly discusses constitutional, moral, health and demographic arguments against the RH Bill.)

Humanae Vitae was truly prophetic (On Humanae Vitae)

GMA is right on the Repro Bill (Church-State and constitutional issues discussed.)

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