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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheap shot against the Church

"Excommunicate me" - PNOY
by Marwil Llasos

(originally posted on ML's Facebook page)

I was one of those "good" Catholics who voted President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III into office in May 2010. I campaigned for him in all my spheres of influence - to my students, to the members f my religious groups, to my province mates in Albay, my neighbors in Quezon City, etc. I campaigned for him through the various forms of social networking. I even debated anti-Noynoy forces the last campaign. I did all these without any expectation of a reward. I simply did so because I believed in the promise that my candidate represented. I thought that my candidate was in the mould of his parents. I was wrong.
Many well-meaning Catholics told me that Noynoy was pro-RH as he was in fact one of the sponsors of the Senate version of the RH Bill. Cardinal Rosales of Cebu also pointed that out. During the campaign, Noynoy and his handlers tried to downplay the issue. I thought that once elected into office, we could prevail upon Noynoy to change his stance because his mother was a good and practicing Catholic and he he would listen to the constituency that elected him into office - us. Catholics, especially the "churched", went for Noynoy because of his mother - one who is even popularly canonized as the "saint of democracy."

Yesterday, I saw on TV PNOY's speech, full of bravado, effrontery and arrogance, that he could risk excommunication by the Catholic Church just to push the RH Bill through.

I was shocked! the son of Cory and Ninoy could ever say that? Someone who went to Catholic schools can say that? Not even Ferdinand Marcos ever dared say such a thing!

As a Catholic, I am appalled by the arrogance of that statement. What PNOY did was an open declaration of war on the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ whose Passion and Death we are commemorating this week.

PNOY's statement is totally uncalled for. There is no threat from the Church to excommunicate him on the RH Bill issue especially now that Malacanang is claiming to have a dialogue with the Church leaders. Why did the President fire the opening salvo?

I believe that PNOY wanted to score points in the UP community when he made that statement. He was pleasing the crowd he might have considered "godless." Sure, he drew some applause. He did please men, rather than God. (NB: Marwil Llasos and the owner of this blog are UP alumni. So, think twice before posting a smart-aleck comment that we're just too unintelligent compared to UP graduates - CAP)

PNOY's statement is a sneak attack on the Church. PNOY's dastardly attack was done at the start of the Holy Week when all the Christian world is solemnly commemorating the sufferings of Christ. This is unacceptable. I condemn the slyness that went with it. Church leaders - bishops and priests - as well as the laity are all busy in the Holy Week activities of the Church when PNOY threw the gauntlet.

This issue is no longer about the RH Bill. It has something to do with even the slightest modicum of respect for the Church and its hierarchy. The timing is so bad - in the holiest week of the Christian world. When love, peace, reconciliation and peace are emphasized the world over, PNOY was in fighting form, even without any provocation.

He justified his act by saying that his conscience is clear. But is his a formed, informed and transformed conscience? or one that is deformed and malformed?

I condemn PNOY's attack on the Church by saying that he is willing to be excommunicated just to push the RH Bill. This is a scandal. He is showing a bad example Catholics especially to children. It is OK to be excommunicated just so that we can pass an immoral, anti-life, anti-family and anti-God piece of legislation.

PNOY already declared war on the Church, on Christ and on the Church. A sad day for the Church. There is all the more reason for all of us Catholics to increase our mortification, prayer and penance this Holy Week as an act of reparation for the President of the Philippines who chose to please men rather than God.


  1. May I repost this on my blog? Thanks!

  2. Was it his statement "Excommunicate me" that makes him looks like attacking the church or his support for RH Bill?

  3. Hi,

    if you have time, please check out this forum:

    can you share insights about the Church's stand? I can only read few posts there that defends the Church's stand and most are from the pro-RH bill statements. Thanks and Happy Easter!

  4. People don't own the Earth. There is only so much resources. Destroying it and the chance of our children to have as good a life as we have now is totally irresponsible. The RH Bill faces up to the reality that people have a hard time abstaining. Living in a fantasy land that not doing anything about our overpopulation will somehow stop it is a sign of immaturity. We need realistic solutions to our factual grave problems. Church opposition to contraception is all in the mind. The terrible effects of overpopulation is here and now.

  5. The terrible effects of a successful population control program is being felt here and now as well. Just take a look at Japan,SKorea,China,Spore.

  6. It just happened that we are Catholics and you are not, and as you are, we cannot compromise our belief because that would be a betrayal to Christ our Lord. We believe in an all-knowing and all-powerful God that does not deceive and cannot be deceived. He will not give us any impracticable instruction and will not tell us any lie.

    Now, if you who are reading this are Christians, then we can use the Bible as our common ground; but if you are not, then let us turn to the economists and the lawyers for arguments.

  7. This post should awaken us in our spiritual blindness of wanting to please the World even if we displease our creator. Let us not look after our own pleasures but be willing to sacrifice not for our earthly life but for the life we have after death.

  8. Overpopulation is only in the minds of those who avoid to imbue self-control and discipline among themselves. they wanted to have more freedom of expressing their lustfulness and carnality. thus, defying the will of God for man.

  9. It is so sad that PNOY acted that way and hope that he amend and reflect once again his stance regarding RH Bill.
    RH Bill is not a remedy for those people who is having a hard time abstaining from sex and is definitely not a way to address the immaturity among our people and/or a means to deter overpopulation. Programs on social reform are the answers to these problems which includes moral value formation and family empowerment. We really need to improve our relationships with our family, relatives, friends, and neighbors in order to set up and organize this kind of social support program. The immaturity that we observed with our neighbors/community are only signs that we are already so detached with each other even among family members. We need more real family bonding activities, and deeper positive interactions with our friends and community. Know each other more so we could know how to support one another.

  10. Pres. Pnoy forgot that without catholic votes, he' ll not be elected as president.