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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Filipino Secularist Blogger to Pro-RH Bill Legislators: How much lobby money did condom companies give you?

This article, first published on March 7, 2011, is from the pen of the blogger, journalist and professor who writes under the pseudonym "Patricio Mangubat". Mr. Mangubat is by no means a Catholic writer, he seems to have no problems with artificial contraception, he has been critical of the Church's preaching against the RH Bill and has exhibited some sympathy for Communism / Radical Socialism (among other things). However, unlike many left-leaning and secularist writers in this country, he is not blind to the pitfalls of the RH Bill. Given Mr. Mangubat's stature in Philippine political discourse, it is good that he has written against a few of the questionable provisions of the RH Bill.

Procurement of condoms and contraceptives should be stricken out of RH bill
by Patricio Mangubat (March 7, 2011)

To our fellow Legislators, let us reason to each other---how much lobby money did condom companies gave you to consider the passage of the RH bill?

I am in favor of controlling the population of this country. I am in favor of free choice. I respect the reproductive rights of the individual.

I am, however, not in favor of allowing government to procure contraceptives for free. Why would government intervene with the inherent right of individuals to choose what contraceptive measure they want to use? Why would government even buy billions of pesos worth of condoms and other contraceptives?

We know how government officials conduct themselves during biddings. Definitely, this will eventually result to another bidding anomaly. Why would government buy these contraceptives and give it for free?

Yes, this is a right enshrined in our constitution. But, this does not mean that this right does not have a corresponding responsibility. If you want to exercise a right, you must be responsible for that exercise, including its costs.

If the problem is the high costs of contraceptives, which many see as a reason for government to procure them wholesale, then, the solution is asking these condom companies to lower their prices.

Rights are definitely not free. Rights are linked to responsibilities.

Its even like this...

You want to exercise your right to free expression? Then, you must be responsible for its consequences.

You want to exercise your right to reproduce, then, be responsible for its exercise. If you want to control the number of your children, then, you must at least think of the means by which you need to feed and sustain your family.

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