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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A young Muslim versus the RH Bill

Nash Alonto

Brothers and sisters, let me just say for all of us that we are now facing a greater situation unimagined that might alter the course of cultural impact... the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. According to supporters of said bill, they claim that this "piece of unpublished legislation" would alleviate the nation's economic woes by teaching people about safe sex and contraception.

For many months, pro-RH personalities like activist Carlos Celdran, legislators Riza Hontiveros and Edcel Lagman are still fighting against the Catholic Church over that bill. They claimed that the Catholic Church should not interfere with politics. The question is: Is it only the Catholic Church that's getting in the way? What Celdran, Hontiveros and Lagman do not know is that there are other religions in the Philippines whose voice have not yet been heard. It's as if as only the Christians are fighting over the RH Bill, therefore there is no diversity of opinions over this situation. Henceforth, with this blog post, I speak on behalf, about the Muslim view of the RH Bill.

As Muslims, we have one answer: NO! We will not let this bill to pass, for this bill is a travesty to our country that ruins the morality, economic, and is a total wrecking ball that destroys the diversity of this fair nation. We may be a minority, but seriously don't we get an opinion about it too???!! We Muslims, have protected ourselves against tempestuous evils that destroy the sanctity of life. Furthermore, if this bill passes, then everyone in this nation would go and "get it on" (pardon my language...), and thus, society will become hay wired with disgust.

Furthermore, human labor is considered a fine treasure in the Philippines for young and fresh graduates are in demand around the world. In other countries, where the aged is more populous than the youth, young graduates are needed here and abroad to take care of the elderly. Now, if this passes, young people will become less in the population, and if there less young people, who will take care of our elders?

If pro-RH bill supporters claimed that this bill will alleviate the country's economic woes by giving contraceptives to couples, think again. Although good intention, how will the poor afford it? Generally, condoms and other contraceptive cost more expensive in any store. Why would the poor spend what they worked for a piece of rubber garbage? Instead of selling condoms, the State should spend the money in building classrooms, or providing better health care for our sickened citizens. Better yet, spend it on scholarship programs so that the youth may able to go on in their studies. Besides, how will we be able to learn if too many condoms are around?

There is this one question that puzzles me the most: How did the pro-RH bill politicians able to manipulate...este...convince the President to support this bill? When I supported PNoy, I knew that he would be able to spring-clean this country to its original luster. I was shocked as to how would PNoy, son of the famous pro-life President Cory, would even supported this bill. Furthermore, this bill violates articles 2 and 15 of our Constitution which specifies the protection and sanctity of the unborn child. So how would the pro-RH Bill supporters push for it. I wouldn't do that If I were them, because if I do, I would be accused of high treason for violating the Constitution. Religion may be separate from State, but at least put some morality on it. It's as if they turned PNoy into a living puppet.

I say to all once again, we cannot let this "bill" pass. Think of the travesty that this will affect. Think of the sanctity of unborn life. I assure you this bill will cause nothing but misery in this country. Furthermore, passing of this bill will trigger terrorists like Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, and others to more bombings and mayhem all over the Philippines. Above all, more pro-life people will take to the streets and revolt to save life, and mind you, it will be as large as the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square ten-fold.

MARK MY WORDS! If PNoy signs the bill into when Congress has passed it, we will pack our bags and Qur'ans and leave the Philippines forever.


  1. COngrats nash! We need more of you!

  2. Thank you my Muslim brother

  3. Thank you for your daring statement against supporters of the RH Bill including PNOY.

  4. Bro. Nash Alonto: Thank you for supporting us against this satanic legislation, the RH Bill. As to your declaration, I believe that even you are Muslim brother, you prove yourself a catholic christian. I hope you encourage the Muslim youth to bring the Gospel of Allah to your community.

  5. Thank you Nash, I admire your position.

  6. Goodluck to your opinion and may Allah(SWT) bless you and your family. As for me, I don't know where put my side because I already set aside the advantages over disadvantages of the bill.

  7. I'm Catholic but, I wholeheartedly agree with you as do many of my friends. The RH bill is the worst thing that could happen to us.

  8. As a Muslim, you need to understand the mechanics of your faith. I'm a Muslim woman, and I vote YES to RH Bill.

    There is nothing in the Qur'an about contraception. The oft-repeated line "You should not kill your children for fear of want" (17:31, 6:151)is not about abortion or contraception, it was about infanticide which was common during those times. Infanticide is the murder of a baby. Not a sperm cell, or an egg cell. A baby. Another common practice then, Coitus interruptus aka the withdrawal method, was not prohibited by Muhammad.

    Logic: birth control pills can be used to induce abortion. birth control pills are sold in all major drugstores. saying that making pills widely available will make everyone want an abortion is like saying selling knives is wrong because people would buy them and use them to kill each other.

    The only caveat to contraception within eight of the nine classic schools of Islamic law which permit it as the method of contraception used should not cause sterility or harm to the mother and the use of contraception should be agreed upon by husband and wife.

    "If Allaah wished to create a child, you would not be able to prevent it."