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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The Filipino people should not tolerate, under any circumstances, any sort of government policy for population reduction"

by Michael J. Rowland
March 18, 2011

A great deal of controversy has been made of the proposed “reproductive health” legislation that is currently being debated in the Philippine Congress. The general argument is usually portrayed as such: those representing the Catholic Church are fighting against the bill because of their opposition to artificial contraception; and they are concerned that a government initiative to promote the usage of such devices will lead to an acceptance of a sexually immoral culture. Conversely, those individuals and groups supporting such legislation claim that it will alleviate problems such as the increase in illegal abortions and the rapid growth in the numbers of poor Filipinos—which, they seem to allege, mainly stems from the fact that these unfortunate and uneducated people are simply having too much unprotected sex. They see the Church’s stance as not only archaic, but also overreaching into the state affairs of the only major nation in an “overpopulated” Asia where it has considerable social and political influence.

I have no intention at this time to entertain a theological debate about the immorality of artificial contraception, to investigate the charges that some types can be used as abortifacients, or to discourse on whether or not the Church is justified in influencing government policy regarding this issue. The legitimate concerns about the providing of adequate health care for women or aiding them in dealing with unintended pregnancies, about fighting infant mortality and caring for abandoned babies and homeless children, about the eradication of sexually transmitted diseases, and about all other societal ills related to sex and pregnancy—all of these should be seriously addressed and dealt with by state, church, and citizenry. But the firm stance I do wish to take in regards to the RH Bill and related matters is that the Filipino people should not tolerate, under any circumstances, any sort of government policy for population reduction.

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