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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Use of public funds is not an expression of free choice"

Most of the opposition centers on the use of public funds to buy contraceptives and distribute them to the poor. Most of those opposing the bill say the funds have better uses. Most feel that immorality will somewhat rise when the State allows the mandatory teaching of sex education to students as young as ten or twelve years old.

Use of public funds is not an expression of free choice. Rather, it is a subtle way of the State telling the individual to exercise extreme caution.

Free choice means respecting the right of the individual to engage in sexual activity and the liberal use of any method to avoid contraception, be it natural or artificial.

The State does not have the right to dictate upon an individual what method of contraception he should use. It is up to the individual to determine that.

Using public funds to distribute contraceptives is not an expression of free choice. By procuring these condoms, the State already expressed its preference towards artificial contraception, something which violates the religious beliefs of majority of Filipinos.

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