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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Manifesto of Filipino Families

A Manifesto of Filipino Families
July 25, 2008

We call on all Filipino Families to defend ourselves by defending life.

We have so far succeeded in foiling many of the attempts of our lawmakers to enact reproductive health statutes.

We believe they are being enticed by monetary and other compensations, but we hope that they
will see the grim reality behind reproductive `health`.

But now could be our last chance. Many countries have fallen into the subtle and the blatant attacks against their families. It is time to organize ourselves better and pressure our leaders to come up with pro-family and pro-life legislation and programs.

We call on all men and women of good will, of all creeds, social standing, and political affiliations, to further promote the family.

Let us patronize family-safe establishments, and complain to our civil authorities against those offering drugs, gambling, pornography and prostitution, especially those surrounding our homes and our children`s schools. Let us boycott products and services that degrade sex and women in their advertisements.

Let us review the textbooks used by our children for promiscuous and anti-parental content. Let us make the TV stations know that we want wholesome family entertainment.
Recovering the Family`s True Nature.
We hope that in the end, children may see their parents as role models of family warmth and citizenship, and that parents and grandparents may experience the appreciation and respect of
their children whom they have truly loved and guided.

Humanae Vitae prophetically warned that we could lose our values if we go against God`s design on the responsible transmission of life within the family.

May the Filipino Family, which is the sanctuary of life and love, rediscover and reclaim the peace and joy that rightly belong to us."

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