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Monday, September 5, 2011

On Sen. Defensor-Santiago's appeal to "the right to privacy": a reminder from Bobit Avila

From Bobit Avila's most recent column:

In her “Right to privacy” statement more than a week ago, Sen. Santiago quoted two known US cases, Griswold vs. Connecticut and the famous Roe v. Wade ruling in the early ’70s that allowed abortion rights in the United States. But what she did not clarify to the public is that Justice Harry Blackmum who declared that abortion is a “fundamental right” under the US constitution said very clearly, “Abortion is a fundamental right because if falls under the ‘penumbra’ of the right to privacy.” So in the end, we can see that Sen. Miriam is pushing for the Philippines to adopt laws on abortion! 
What Sen. Santiago also failed to inform us is that Norma McCovey, the original litigant of Roe vs. Wade (she used the pseudonym, Jane Roe) confessed to the grievous mistake she had committed and has since joined the Pro-Life Movement in the US since 1995 and has been working to overturn Roe vs. Wade with no success as evil had finally taken its roots in the US.

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