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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The RH bill is a population control measure, no ifs, no buts

From Emil Jurado's latest column, "American imperialism and the RH bill"

The reproductive health bill, which the President also calls his responsible parenthood advocacy, is all about population control—no ifs and buts about it. 
I am disturbed, however, that when advocates mouth statistics coming from the United Nations about the number of women dying every day, they are in fact helping boost American imperialism. 
After all, what do contraceptives do? Prevent pregnancy. That’s the bottom line of the bill—population control! 
And I am even not talking from a Catholic point of view—even though I am a Catholic and I disagree with the state’s use of the taxes I pay to promote contraception. Rather, I am concerned about the Americans’ real objective in enticing the Philippine government with aids and benefits. 
I have already written about this, but I wish to emphasize that limiting the population of some 13 developing countries is part of US foreign policy. The countries are India, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia. 
Population growth in these countries threatens US security in four basic ways: (1) Certain large nations stand to gain significant political power and influence as a result of their growing populations; (2) The US and its western allies have a vital interests in strategic materials which have to imported from less-developed countries (3) societies with high birthrates have large numbers of young people, who are more likely that older people to challenge global power structures; and (4) population growth in relatively-disadvantaged countries jeopardized US investments. 
We would be crazy to allow this just because we receive some grants! 
We should not be tools for the advancement of American interests, I am surprised, though, that activists and militants cannot see right through this attempt, going in the guise of free choice.

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