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Monday, December 19, 2011

The latest parody on "Downfall": Hitler's mad that the RH Bill won't be passed this year!

Wikipedia notes regarding Der Untergang (Downfall) that One scene in the film, in which Hitler launches into a furious tirade upon finally realizing that the war is truly lost, has become a staple of internet videos. In these videos, the original audio of Ganz's voice is retained, but new subtitles are added so that he now seems to be reacting instead to some setback in present-day politics, sports, popular culture, or everyday life. Other scenes from various portions of the film have been parodied in the same manner, notably the scenes where Hitler orders Otto Günsche to find Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein, and where Hitler discusses a counterattack against advancing Soviet forces with his generals. By 2010, there were thousands of such parodies, including many in which a self-aware Hitler is incensed that people keep making Downfall parodies.

A group of young pro-lifers recently made the latest of these parodies. Enjoy!

For those who think that the claims made in this video are exaggerated, please read the following:

Fact References:

1. 350 pesos per hakot -- see Inquirer article: -- The group scheduled the "peak" of its pro-RH rally for September and set aside P1,750,000 to organize a rally of "at least 5,000 people." Each participant was supposed to receive P350.

2. More Pro-life People than Anti-Life --

3. RH Bill can be defeated at Senate:

4. Million of dollars of funding --

5. Pro-RH Groups back abortion --

6. Cabral admitted that pills cause breast cancer -

7. TV Debates won by Pro-life:

8. Pro RH stats are wrong (maternal death, abortion) - /

9. Non-existent lobby groups (not registered or revoked) getting massive funding --

10. Pro-Life Victory of 2011 -

11. Population Control connection with Hitler- /

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