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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An alien bill?

Note: the audio recording of the radio interview on which this article is based can be accessed here: Kape, Balita at Iba pa – May 04, 2012 (Friday)

From CBCP for Life: 

MANILA, June 14, 2012—Some sectors may praise what they regard as the merits of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill, but another pro-lifer from a nation that is grappling with the consequences of institutionalized contraception, comprehensive sex education and abortion has pointed out that the measure is alien to a culture that is immensely fond of children, such as that of Filipinos.

“The RH bill is not in favor of the Filipino people. It’s a concept that is foreign to the Filipino culture that is very welcoming of children, and loving of children, “said Brian Caulfield, communications specialist at the Knights of Columbus (KC) and vice postulator for the cause for canonization of KC founder Father Michael McGivney.

In an interview over online radio program Kape, Balita at Iba Pa, Caulfield explained that  the bill will have adverse effects especially on a promising developing nation such as the Philippines, pinpointing provisions that are contrary to Filipino values.

“The RH bill may not, like China, limit you but the force of law can be very persuasive in saying that you should limit your family to a number of children, and that there are sanctions if you speak out against this kind of bill. And there’s sex education that will indoctrinate children at a young age to this anti-life mindset,” he stressed.

“I think what the Knights would like to do is have an educational initiative. This is what we really do. We don’t get involved directly in politics—that’s not in our bylaws.  As Knights we are involved in education efforts and we are involved in getting the word out. We are involved in mobilizing the vote.”

Filipinos must be educated about the dangers of the RH bill, he said. Citing the example of the Knights of Columbus as an organization, Caulfield said, “We involve ourselves in things of education about issues and about citizen and civic issues where we support the democratic process. I think it is important that all Knights become educated about this [RH Bill] issue, that they talk about it within their families, that they spread the word in their parishes, that politely and with charity they may engage those who may disagree.”

“This is how democracy is pushed forward,” he continued, “and Filipinos really live in a very vibrant culture that discusses these things and hopefully comes to an understanding of the issue really that the RH bill is not in favor of the Filipino people.”

Caulfield in a Catholic News Agency article titled ‘A bill to nowhere’ in May wrote an extensive view of the bill in parallel of the controversial US Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, which also coerces religious institutions to provide birth  control services even if contrary to their moral convictions. (CBCP for Life)

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