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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Will the RH bill become an obstacle to peace with the Moros?

From CBCP for Life:

MANILA, June 14, 2012–The chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panel Mohagher Iqbal in a multi-stakeholders forum on the Government of the Philippines (GPH)-MILF peace talks today stressed that a population control measure, such as the Reproductive Health (RH) bill, is a deterrent to peace.

Iqbal, when asked if the bill hampers the peace process, said, “Oo, kung ang susundin sa kanila, yung proseso nila, talagang magkakaroon ng problema (Yes if we follow their principle [birth control], their process will really result in problems).” First of all, we don’t believe in that philosophy na mag-control. There are many ways of managing population, means that are acceptable to our religion.”

“The very product for the health policy of the government is not really applicable to us because we have our own way of addressing population,” he continued.

“It is not about control. We just manage because we believe that God has provided enough resources for everyone to enjoy and be the source of their living. So we don’t believe in birth control.”

In a group statement given at a pro-life rally last year, Alim Acmad Basher, President of the Imams’ League of the Philippines, cited the Koran—particularly Sura 17:31 which says, “Kill not your children for fear of want. We shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin.”

The Senate closed the period of interpellation early this month on the Senate version of RH bill or SB 2865, but one of the measure’s staunch opponents, Sen. Vicente Sotto III, will be delivering his turno en contra (turn to object).

Iqbal reiterated that the present content of the measure is objectionable, particularly on the use of artificial methods of birth control. “As presented we are not in favor of that bill,” he said in the vernacular. (CBCP for Life)


For the record, the following is a video of the statement made by Alim Acmad Basher last year:

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