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Friday, June 22, 2012

Why three Boholano congressmen are against the RH bill

(Originally published on this blog on June 21, 2012 at 3:30 AM. Some newer posts below):

From the Bohol Chronicle article Church mounts rally vs. RH Bill with solons' support (the emphases are mine):

Aumentado and 3rd district congressman Arthur Yap were present during the rally. 

In his speech, Aumentado argued that the highly controversial RH Bill is clearly unconstitutional. He added that the experts of the constitution assured that life begins at fertilization, not implantation as the RH Bill proponents would say.


"The law guarantees protection of all persons, including the unborn", Aumentado stressed out. 

For his part, Yap warned that if made into law, the RH BILL will take money away from his medical and scholarship programs. 

The anti-RH Bill rally in Blessed Trinity Cathedral was the first venue where Yap made a public pronouncement against the RH Bill. 

Among specific provisions in the RH Bill Yap is critical of is the appropriation on the supplies which is to be taken from the congressmen's Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) once it is enacted into law. 

Yap cited the provision mandating that the congressman's PDAF will be the source of fund for the contraceptives which will then be classified as essential medicine, the free access and distribution of family planning supplies and commodities, as well as the fact that the Mobile Health Care Service van that will distribute these contraceptives and other family planning literature and supplies. 

"That will be disastrous, since half of the population in third district are in class E," according to Yap. 

Presently, thousands are receiving medical assistance, scholarships, farm-to-market roads, livelihood funds, accident and life insurance cards under the Congressman's HEART program. 

If the RH Bill is passed into law, these benefits will be drastically reduced since funds will now be used to fund family planning programs. 

Yap also cited the Filipino nation's common ideals regarding life, protection for the family, mothers and the unborn, as enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. 

Yap reminded the people that these beliefs are shared by all Filipinos and that these beliefs clearly show Filipinos are preferentially pro-life. 

First district congressman Rene Relampagos was not present during the rally. However, in a text message he sent to Uy, Relampagos said that he is with the Church's stand in opposing the RH Bill. In fact, Uy, with the consent of Relampagos, told the crowd that the first district solon is against the RH Bill. It maybe noted that Rep. Relampagos, who is a former seminarian, was the first Bohol solon to openly object the RH Bill.

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