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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Erwin Tulfo: why the rush to pass the RH bill?

Erwin Tulfo's July 27, 2012 column for the Manila Times does not necessarily commit support for the Catholic position towards the RH bill and still shows acceptance of the "overpopulation" argument. Nevertheless it asks many serious questions regarding the RH bill and its unwarranted costs, and clearly states that it should not be the government's priority:

What’s the hurry? 
I really can’t see the logic why PNoy and his allies in Congress are in a hurry to pass the Reprodcutive Health Bill when there are other pressing matters that need attention such as the alarming increase of minors involve in crimes, incest-rape cases in the far- flung barrios, solving the massive poverty problem, building more schoolhouses, hiring more qualified teachers, curbing inflation, making the price of electricity cheaper, territorial dispute with China, etc . . . 
I agree that we are facing problems in the growing number of maternal mortality, upsurge in teenage pregnancies, and definitely the population explosion within the next few years if it cannot be controlled by the government. 
But aren’t condoms and other contraceptives already available in the market? 
Besides, passing the RH Bill in both houses will mean another several billions of pesos to implement the law to solve or prevent the problems presented by RH bill advocates. 
How about the other problems plaguing the nation today? Doesn’t it need special attention too and funding like the education of barrio folks to reduce the alarming increase of incest in those areas? 
Or perhaps the unending problem of unemployment and our very poor health care system that needs rehabilitation fast? 
So to our top lawmakers . . . Your Honors, let us put our priorities in proper perspective.

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