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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catholics do have brains, Ms. Evangelista.

For the record:

Philippine Daily Inquirer
July 6th, 2012

This is in reaction to Patricia Evangelista’s column titled “Contraceptive morality” (Inquirer, 6/24/12).

There is definitely a Christian and Catholic stand on the issue of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. The faithful are a thinking, intelligent lot; and, above all, they realize the inherent dignity of man, each of whom is unique in his own way.

Tampering with a wonderfully made body of a woman—through the use of contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant, which is not a disease—is unethical. The integrity of her body deserves respect. Her reproductive organ is made for a good purpose. In line with chastity, only within marriage can the conjugal act be performed. And marriage is the total, permanent, unconditional self-giving of a man and a woman. Sacrifice, through abstinence or the use of natural methods like the Billings method, may be used to space childbirths, for serious reasons. Such sacrifice further enhances the love between a husband and his wife.

It is sad to note that the women-senators are aggressively endorsing the bill. These women were voted into office to take care of the wellbeing of Filipino women. And yet they aggressively seek passage of the RH bill that promotes the use of contraceptives that have been scientifically proven to be abortifacient and to cause cancer in women. What a disservice to womanhood. The senators are duty-bound to uphold the mandate they were sworn to perform.


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