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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding new life unwelcome: a false understanding of responsible parenthood

Philippine Daily Inquirer
July 31st, 2012

On the front page of the Inquirer’s July 24 issue, a news article quoted President Aquino as saying: “We are ending the backlogs in the education sector, but the potential for shortages remains as our student population continues to increase…. Perhaps the responsible parenthood bill can help address this.”

As I read this, the implication I deduced was that our student population must stop increasing and that the Responsible Parenthood bill can help stop this increase. Moreover, I gathered from the story that our lawmakers rapturously supported the suggestion.

I felt sad upon reading this news item. Which reflects a culture foreign to ours: one that finds new life unwelcome. Such attitude is the forerunner of the culture of death that overpowered the old world which seems unable to escape its grip. It is also the attitude of the defeated. This is so ironic. The President said, “Last year, I challenged you to fully turn your back on the culture of negativism; to take every chance to uplift your fellow Filipinos. From what we are experiencing today, it is clear: You succeeded.” And yet here are his legislators clapping their hands to show approval of the idea that we cannot educate an increasing population. They are showing defeat even before we have really fought the battle.

The Responsible Parenthood bill in its present form promotes contraception and not responsible parenthood. It is antilife. The term as used in the bill is a misnomer. Responsible parenthood as taught by Pope Paul VI means generously bringing into this world as many children that the parents are able to support and educate. And should they have good reasons not to have them for the time being or for always, then natural family planning is the option which essentially means discipline and respect of the spouses for each other, both of which are also signs of spousal love.

If the Responsible Parenthood bill espouses the original idea of responsible parenthood as taught by Paul VI, then it will be a bill worth supporting.


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