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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are these the real reasons for the push to pass the RH Bill?

Ten Real Reasons Why the RH Bill Must Pass in the Philippines.
by Joffre Balce

Actually it’s three billion reasons but let’s make the PHP 3B (US$75 million) just one. OK, Let’s give the RH proponents a bonus & leave this one out first ...

1) By the silence of the RH Bill in protecting the rights of the unborn child, it has a voiceless victim so it may pursue its other nine agenda points below ...

‎2) It promotes a safe & more enjoyable sex life, free of responsibility – which should really be the title of the Bill

3) It blames the defenceless for the poverty in the Philippines – the poor & marginalised – just for the fact they were born & in the same breathe dedicate the proposed law to them, while letting the crooks run free & the media to continue promoting a consumerist, materialist lifestyle

4) It creates jobs in the government sector, particularly for new political appointees in the proposed POPCOM who will be paid whether it does its job well or not, if at all.

‎5) It raises sales of pharmaceutical cos. already enjoying the protection of the Phil. government’s compliance with the WTO/GATT in keeping cheap generics out of reach for the ordinary Filipino.

‎6) It distracts attention from the more difficult & serious & important task of social justice & reforms that directly address poverty & socioeconomic inequality in order that the poor traditional politicians don't have to work so hard.

7) It gives the state authority to intervene in more matters that used to be the right, responsibility & accountability of the parents & family as the basic & core social unit & puts the burden on health workers & institutions to be accountable for the consequences of acts – such as abortions -- which the family could have avoided.

8) It means more business for the media, in terms of government promo materials & free advertising for the pharma cos -- which is why there much less media covering the opposition to the RH Bill, despite superior numbers.

9) It means more grants for government & NGOs for population control from people like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros & Warren Buffet who have more than two children -- two as recommended but under no pressure by the RH Bill -- & believe that the poor have less a right to reproduce than them.

10) It looks so chic & intellectual nowadays to bash the Church & religion at every opportunity & besides, even if the Bill is passed & still fails to achieve its purpose, the Church can always still be blamed for its failure.

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