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Monday, March 28, 2011

More on the RH Bill from Dra. Liza Manalo

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. The presentor sounds incredibly vulgar and pedestrian, but it's what she postulated that was more questionable.

    1. This is the 21st century, people. Why is birth control still an issue?

    2. All medications have side effects, some more than the others. It is not fair to single out the effects of birth control pills. Just check Actually, check the long-term side effects of that cup of coffee or glass of cold beer that you're drinking right now. You'd be surprised.

    3. Why isn't anyone talking about the morality of vasectomy?

    4. "We're doctors, you're not" and no one can force us to do anything. Sure, why not, if it's against a doctor's religious beliefs and moral standards. What about military conscientious objectors? Are they hailed as heroes? Nope, they're AWOL and subject to court martial. There are laws and a doctor cannot pick and choose.

    5. The whole message was: IF YOU TAKE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, YOU WILL DIE! Really? Shouldn't a medical doctor be more informed?

    6. Why is the 1994(!) Roland study about the efficacy of latex still being quoted up to now? Roland based his statement about a 5 micron latex pore size on a study of RUBBER GLOVES, not condoms. The U.S. Public Health Service says that condoms are manufactured to higher standards than gloves. Condoms are dipped in the latex twice, gloves only once.

    7. Plus the study WAS FROM 1994!!! Didn't the presenter think that progress would have been made since?

    8. The presenter challenged her audience a lot, including inserting an IUD with bare hands. So I guess it's fair to challenge the presenter with getting a root canal without anaesthesia, since I am morally opposed to anaesthsia or other form of pain-numbing drugs. Or get an appendectomy with nothing more than guava leaves to ease the pain, since I believe in evolution and have concluded that appendices are just left-over from our marsupian ancestors.