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Friday, March 4, 2011

Archbishop Socrates Villegas on how contraception betrays the spirit of EDSA 1

An excerpt from the homily delivered by Archbishop Socrates B Villegas during the Mass on the occasion of the twenty fifth anniversary of Edsa People Power on February 25, 2011 at the Edsa Shrine at 12:15 pm:

The twenty fifth year of Edsa gives us reason to thank the Lord and thank the millions of Filipinos who brought four shining days of glory to the history of our beloved country. But our joy and thanksgiving are mixed with frustration and disdain. As we say Salamat, we also shake our heads and strike our breasts with heads bowed and say: Sayang!

Sinayang natin ang Edsa! In 1986, the people came together to defend our soldiers from the revenge of the President who cheated the elections. The election cheating of 1986 was not the last. Many more cheatings happened after—massive, systematic and brazen and the guilty just refused to resign. Sinayang natin ang Edsa!

In 1986, the military was the darling of the people. AFP was armed forces of the people. With the dizzying magnitude of corruption among our military officials, shall we still gather together at Edsa if they seek our help and protection? The pre-Edsa military corruption that we rallied against in the 1980’s is chicken feed compared to the corruption we have been hearing about lately. Nakakasuka! Sinayang natin ang Edsa!

In 1986, we saw the power of millions of people coming together for freedom and peace. The more people, the more secure we felt. Now on its twenty fifth year, we say the opposite—the less people the better! In 1986, we said Tama na! Sobra na! Palitan na! Now, we say, Tama na ang isa! Sobra na ang dalawa! Mag pills ka na! Bakit nagkaganito? Contraception and corruption belong to same family. Contraception is corruption of the soul. Sayang.

In 1986, we raised our rosaries in prayer and stopped with our bare hands the tanks sent to crush us. I can still remember the billboard that stood on this street corner twenty five years ago. The family that prays together stays together. A world at prayer is a world at peace. Are will still a nation in prayer? If we want peace, pray. If we want unity, pray. If we want healing, pray. Tita Cory taught us that. Did we bury prayer power when she died? Sayang.

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