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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fr. Charles Belmonte reminds us of the politically incorrect fact that to be rightfully called Catholic, one must be... Catholic!

In these days when the most obvious things need to be re-stated again and again and defended, Fr. Charles Belmonte provides us with a simple but comprehensive lesson on who or what exactly has the office of distinguishing something as Catholic as opposed to what is not Catholic. Although the following paper is not directly concerned with the RH bill, it is certainly relevant to the debate raging around that bill because it directly answers those who would declare that one can be Catholic, and use (or rather, abuse) the name "Catholic", and yet openly rebel against the basic teachings of the Catholic Church. 

I am publishing this paper with the blessings of Fr. Belmonte.

Who Should Say What is Catholic? - Fr. Charles Belmonte

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