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Monday, August 6, 2012

Marwil Llasos on why the RH bill is anti-women -- a short and sweet little note

The following note from Atty. Marwil Llasos is currently being shared across Facebook.

The RH Bill is anti-women. Kanino ginagamit ang condom? Sa babae. Sino ang linalagyan ng IUD? Ang babae. Sino ang nila-ligate? Ang babae. Sino ang iniineksiyonan? Ang babae. Sino ang NAGPAPAKASASA sa sarap? Ang LALAKI. Bow.


  1. Sino naman macocontaminate pag may AIDS ang babae? Ang LALAKI. Bow.

    1. Sino ang dahilan kung bakit nagkaka-AIDS ang babae? Ang LALAKI. Bow.

  2. This issue about RH bill has nothing to do with gender and sexuality BIASES. I am a woman and i believe it will be very helpful.. You keep asking WHO questions, then let me tell you, " Sinong nahihirapan manganak? Sinong nabubuntis?". And you know its us, girls.. Hence I say RH bill is a big help to woman, and also in the family.. I could not bear to imagine, another angel born on Earth and yet you despise him just because you are not prepared physically and financially. Or if not despise him, let him suffer the misery of life. If abstinence is your stand, then the bible says to marriage couples,, do not deprive yourselves of your partner,, so true abstinence between couples is the root of all pagtataksil and sin.

    On the other hand, approval of RH bill may make our teenagers wild, not afraid anymore of the consequences of premarital sex since they are well equipped with "tools" that may keep their safety at high level. We are afraid that we became so independent like the Europians, all lust no shame.

    What i'm trying to point is RH bill has its pros and cons, what matters now is which weighs more. The issue about teenagers and even adults being liberated is a simple thing to resolve if FAMILY has a strong bond. I believe that an individual's character is mold at home,, then mold them,, mold the next generation in a way we want them to be - noble and with self respect - and proceed with RH bill to HELP ( i point out help not entirely alleviate) to resolve the issue of poverty and too much population and other related national issues.

    I am not being proud or such, but i think we have to weigh all possible outcomes, all pros and cons before we react.

    Sincerely yours,
    anonymous :)

  3. The problem here in the USA is not material poverty but spiritual poverty. Please di not allow the Philipines to suffer the same fate. May condom naman na ngayon sa Pinas. BAkit kailangang gawaing mas madali pa sa kabataan na gumamit nito? Kailangan pa ba ng ganitong batas?