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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In very simple words: Contraceptives as Abortifacients

From the Multiply account of Pro-Life Philippines:

Portia Sy

Let us tackle the word itself - CONTRACEPTION - and the history of the contraceptive pill. Decades ago, my ob-gyne told me that the first contraceptive pills that pharmaceutical companies manufactured were really effective on preventing conception, hence they were called contraceptives. However, the pregnant women who took them complained of so many awful side-effects - nausea, ulcer-like stomach aches, pimples, increased desire to eat leading to overeating, etc. - that the pharma companies decided to reconstitute the pills. They came out with pills that were "weaker" - thus succeeding in eliminating the mentioned complaints - but...because they were weaker, the "new" pills, the pills now in the market - are less successful in its purpose of preventing conception, the union of sperm and egg. So, they are no longer contraceptives, YET THE WORD CONTRACEPTIVE CONTINUED TO BE USED!

My ob-gyne continued to explain: because the embryo which succeeded in becoming alive (so there is life!) is weakened by the chemicals still remaining in the "new" pill, it is unable to implant itself in the mother's endometrium (lining of the uterus) where the embryo get its nourishment, and thus dies away and gets ejected in the mother's next menstruation. The mother thinks she did not conceive when she did! The pharmaceutical companies should instead use the word CONTRA-IMPLANTATION! which KILLS! Until they do, they are engaged in DECEIT! They are promoting ABORTION!

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