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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The RH Bill and the Loss of Responsibility

The following was posted on the wall of a Facebook group of which I'm a member. I'm withholding the author's name for now to avert possible complications for that person. This essay is being posted here with the permission of one of the author's superiors. 

I'm not a devout Catholic. I rarely go to church. I almost never read the bible.

But I know the concept of responsibility.

When you fail to go to a job interview, expect to lose a chance to get the job.

When you neglect your health, expect to be sick. When you fail to keep a promise, expect to lose relations.

The consequence may be harsh but that's life's best teacher. I'm afraid that in the future, in this country, married men will be fearless engaging in sex with other women because they know how to prevent a baby from forming. Couples will try beating and nagging each other out to have a good chance for divorce to be granted. Mistresses will have the last laugh for they will soon have an equal, if not more, power over the first wife. I'm afraid that responsibility will not anymore be valued, and noble men will diminish. People will be encouraged to only seek the easiest way out & only do things for fun (commonly misinterpreted as happiness).

Congressmen claim: battered women need divorce. Wouldn't that just let crazy guys loose, marry someone else whom they'll abuse too? Wouldn't that deprive the domestic victim the only power she has over the man who has maltreated her? What if that's his way to force her to divorce him?

Why not create a law which will prevent abusers from marrying instead? Are we really advocating women's rights or mistresses' rights? I'm don't have anything against children outside of first marriage---they are victims too. But an individual hopping from one person to another, leading to the creation of more motherless/fatherless children should be disciplined too.

Why deprive children of their childhood by opening to them, at an immature age, what contraceptive does? Because it is more convenient than to create a law that will prohibit people from poisoning their minds?

Why steal a child's innocence? Would that make our country first world? It's sad that we cannot think of a better way to improve our lives & forget that humans too are resources.

I personally know people who had gotten pregnant, unplanned. Some were even left by guys who did it with them. Yet, they decided to keep the child, and they never regretted that decision. They even became more responsible.

I personally know couples who fell apart because of third parties but reconciled. Good thing, there is no divorce here... yet. They stayed true to their promise.

Are we too desperate to be a first world country? Are we too frustrated to end marriage? Why have sex and marry, in the first place? Because it feels good?

Because we are happy for the moment?

Have we forgotten that responsibility is a big step toward social and economic development? Or are we just saying, we are ready to break vows?

Eliminate responsibility, and then what? We'll eliminate love and be anti-social too? Create websites such as that of the students of the University of Chicago, where students fish strangers online to have casual sex? "What ever happened to getting-to-know each other?" commented a host of The Today Show.

If it's true that eliminating responsibility and humanity is the only way to make life better, then I believe that the quality of life is not going anywhere but downwards.

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