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Thursday, June 16, 2011


When even a hard-nosed secular journalist with many connections says this, shouldn't Malacanang perk up and listen?

From Patricio Mangubat's May 11 article on the Church's backing away from the RH "dialogue" with the Noynoy Aquino administration:

The question that everybody is asking right now is this--is the Aquino administration ready for a direct confrontation with the Catholic Church? 

Clearly, the Aquino administration wants to push the agenda of the United States insofar as reproductive health is concerned. The administration is beginning to show signs of puppetism. (Underlining mine -- CAP)

Who will win this time? Will the Aquino administration be able to withstand a very strong Church oppositionist group?

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  1. Found an interesting article here What struck me was this excerpt below... shows the person pulling the puppet's strings...

    "One of the greatest moral dangers threatening us today is that all of us, constantly exposed to the horrors shown on our television screens and the artful propaganda of "liberal" views, have become morally blunt and blind. Assisted suicide, scientific research on fetuses, abortion of millions of helpless infants, are accepted as a matter of course. Now that a democratically-elected president of the U.S., abetted by his wife, officially defends the right of a woman "to control her reproductive organs"—that is to say, makes the murder of an innocent child a "right"—and proclaims that he will veto any bill prohibiting partial birth abortions, we should realize that we have hit the rock bottom of moral decadence. The greatest political authority in the U.S. proclaims that a crime is a right."

    So is it part of the US agenda to have Filipinos on the contraceptive bandwagon at the very least... the first step going where?