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Saturday, June 11, 2011

On "Enemies"

Just a note for those pro-RH folks who have no qualms calling the Catholic Church and her faithful defenders all sorts of names, but can't handle being called enemies of the Church.

The Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to love our enemies. You know what that means? It means that one can actually identify someone as an "enemy" and still love him, because merely to identify someone as an "enemy" does not necessarily imply hatred for, or the desire to harm, the one so identified. Not infrequently, in this imperfect and language-bound world, to label someone is merely to tell the truth about his views in as succinct a manner as possible. 

This will be my first and last comment about those crybaby pro-RH'ers who are trying to turn one word I uttered into a supposed summa of hate.

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  1. I have a real comment. But I just want to test my WordPress account for now because I'm new to it. There are indeed quite notable passages in the Scriptures that deals with 'enemies'. I like to share a couple. And yes, be assured that I take care that my thoughts are either in line with the Magisterial teachings of the Church, or if exploratory, at least not contradictory and ready to be corrected.