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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile on the RH bill

From Philippine Graphic's Juan Ponce Enrile: An ‘ordinary’ man in extraordinary times (emphases mine):

What about the statements about your public life? 
ENRILE: That’s why I don’t bother, pardon me for saying it. (Taps me on the shoulder) If one writes a critical piece against me, I say, “So what? I know myself.” I always think of events and see how they relate to life. Have you read Omar Khayyam? Consider the reproductive-health (RH) bill for instance. Omar Khayyam said, “Better, oh better, cancel from the scroll of universe one luckless human soul, than drop by drop enlarge the flood that rolls hoarser with anguish as the ages roll.” The flood is humanity. Some people want to kill them before they come into being because they just might enlarge the misery of the world. That is the RH bill, isn’t it? All writers write about their notion of reality based on their experience.

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