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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A large family's perspective on the RH bill

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  1. No to rh bill simply because:
    1. With or without rh bill responsible parenthood information and education concern can still be done by responsible and committed teachers both from the church and the government;
    2. With or without rh bill family planning and development information/education concern in view of population can still be possible;
    3. With or without rh bill freedom of choice can still be enjoyed by every filipino;
    4. With or without rh bill, health care, safe-sex and other sex/reproduction related services can still be performed;
    5. With or without rh bill, population-related measure(s)is/are still possible.
    No to rh bill because:
    This is a relativist-inspired threat to Christian's faith and morals esp in view of God's eternal and natural law prescribing among others precepts about life.
    Because intellectual justification like scientific studies about when life begins cannot assume same understanding much more position of God about it. For can any one who by scientific findings say that life begins at fertilization assume that the same is God's(understanding and position)? Is it not that understanding, interpretation and position about when life really begins belongs supposedly, exclusively to God?
    Is this effort intended to justify concern on abortion? And is it not that answering question pertains to when life begins in view of abortion is man's pursuit of truth based on human reasoning, human knowledge? But is this not a show of human arrogance before God?