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Monday, June 13, 2011

This blog and the divorce bill

I've been asked if I intend to blog about the divorce bill as well. My answer is: not on this blog, because I want to remain focused on the original reason for its existence, as I explained in my very first post:

This blog is an attempt to put in one place all the position papers, statements and declarations that have been published by Catholics and other Christians (in the Philippines and across the world) to counter the proponents of this proposed bill. It is important that the supporters of "reproductive health" realize that the position of the Catholic Church against this bill is based neither on "unreasoning dogmatism" nor upon "fear of progress", but upon a clear analysis of the real reasons for poverty and the social ills often wrongly attributed to alleged "overpopulation", as well as on a lucid understanding of transcendent moral principles and of health facts that are often suppressed in favor of propaganda for contraception.

My only "deviations" so far from the principles enunciated in this paragraph have been the following:

1) My inclusion of anti-RHB statements from non-Christians (atheists and Muslims, to be precise). 

2) The inclusion of a few news reports of exceptional importance for the documentation of the fight versus the RH bill.

3) The inclusion of a handful of essays or articles directly expounding upon the foundations of the culture of life. 

None of these have entailed adding a secondary focus for this blog, and I don't intend to do so now. 

I'm thinking of founding a separate blog to host supporting documentation for the fight versus the divorce bill, but I truly wish that someone else would take up that noble task. Maintaining this blog already entails a lot of work for me, and I have other existing blogs to maintain and develop.

For the record, I also reject the idea that the divorce bill is worse than the RH bill. Divorce -- while deplorable and destructive to society in its own way -- doesn't kill untold numbers of budding lives in their mothers' wombs, and will not of itself expose whole generations of school children to systematic secularist sexual propaganda. 

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  1. Carlos: I agree.
    and thank you for the effort in maintaining this blog.