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Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Open Letter on the RH Bill to a Congressman

An open letter to my Congressman
by Teresa Tunay OCDS

Dear Congressman: you had for so long given us the impression that you were against the RH Bill until one day when you were identified in the papers as one of its supporters. We were shocked; we could hardly believe someone we had trusted and respected could actually espouse what this RH Bill stands for.

Sir, I have tried several times to get through to your office to express concerns aired by some of your constituents, mostly women. I say “some” because we cannot show you a million signatures opposing your stand. We are ordinary mothers, grandmothers, maiden aunts, sisters, professionals and plain housewives who only want the best for our families. And we voted for you. We had simply wanted your ear for a few minutes, but we have not been fortunate, so please understand why we are instead writing this open letter to you. We have a fair knowledge of what the RH Bill is about but none of us is a lawyer, a philosopher, a politician or a theologian, so please bear with us if our thoughts are not as organized we would want them to be. We are merely speaking from our guts.

Sir, we are not aiming to convert you for we still would like to believe that you mean well, but we do pray that the RH Bill may never be passed.

We reject the RH Bill because it is based on the premise that we do not need God to live fruitful lives. To us God-fearing, God-loving Filipinos, that is a lie. Being rooted in a paradigm that takes God out of the equation, how can the RH Bill be good for anyone? It is studded with half-truths, pseudo-truths and truthisms cleverly formulated to mimic the truth. Reading between the lies, we get this picture of the RH Bill:

• It wants us to think that human reason and human intelligence are all we need for everything to be right with the world.

• It coerces everybody else to think that way, and rejects the truth that the God who created and loves us will never abandon us.

• It is maka-hayop, not maka-tao, promoting pleasure without pain, irresponsible sex, dangerous couplings, and a hedonistic mentality that will eventually drag future generations downward to moral incoherence.

• It undermines the worth of human beings by implying that they are what their genitalia define, nothing more.

• It ridicules our faith by offering overly pragmatic solutions to perceived problems.

• It tramples upon the life-giving values—family, sacrifice, hope, compassion—that have kept our
nation afloat in spite of history’s tyranny, human greed and natural calamities.

• It intends to mislead people and then uses commendable phrases such as “reproductive health” and “responsible parenthood” to disguise its dark intentions.

• It dishonors fathers and mothers by robbing them of the right and the responsibility to rear their children according to their deeply held religious convictions.

• It reduces the question of reproductive health into a simplistic choice between natural family
planning and artificial family planning, labeling natural as unnatural and stupid and equating artificial with modern and smart.

• It spits upon the Constitution—pity that many of our lawmakers themselves would violate the
Constitution by pushing this bill! Where are they leading this country to?

• It seduces young people by instilling in them a false sense of independence and sophistication in knowing their parents will be legally helpless about their sex life.

• It anaesthetizes the conscience of the young, saying it’s perfectly okay to experiment with sex as long as they are “protected”; this is contrary to what we teach our children.

• It corrupts children by infusing in them a contraceptive mentality, giving them “sex education” too early in order to abort their maturing in the love of God.

• It deceives the women it claims to inform and empower, praising only the convenience that
contraception offers but not its deadly side effects.

• It is oppressive, maintaining the First World myth of overpopulation at the expense of our poor.

• It imposes an alien lifestyle on Filipinos, seeing children as mere mouths to feed, treating pregnancy as a sickness and unbridled sex as a human right.

• It steals from the people by using tax payers’ money to buy contraceptive devices for people who can’t and won’t control their sexual appetites.

• It tramples upon not only our freedom now, but also the freedom of future generations to raise their children according to their cherished beliefs.

• It wants to scratch out the cross from Christianity, scoffing at self-discipline, the beauty of abstinence, sacrifice for family’s sake, and fidelity to one’s spouse.

• It belittles the capacity of the Filipinos to tap their inner resources, to turn to the God within, to
transcend want and misfortune and become what God wants them to be.

Dear Congressman, this is what saddens us about your support of the RH Bill. You do not seem to see that it is not just a question of Pro-RH vs. Pro-Life, State vs. Church, Antiquated vs. Modern as your media friends would have people believe.

Do you know why we pray hard for you, sir? Because you seem unaware that you yourself are a victim in this battle between good and evil, being used as a pawn by the rich against the poor, by world powers against the impoverished nations—yes, against your own people! They are the authors of the depopulation agenda that is behind the RH Bill. Brilliant decision makers who think they know everything and therefore do not need God. They do not wish to be nudged out of the comfort zones their genius has built. (Or have you never heard of a depopulation agenda?)

Why do the rich and powerful blame us and our children for their imagined shortage in our planet’s resources? Do our poor squander fuel on automobile races, speed boats, air shows, war craft and heaven-knows-what other adult toys they invent in the name of progress? We are the great majority who do not have swimming pools in our backyards and golf lawns to water. Why don’t they turn their guns and golf clubs into ploughshares and pruning hooks for a change?

Sir, we voted for you believing you would protect our interests. Please do not betray us by endorsing a culture of death that will lead us to a national suicide. Your fellow Congressmen look up to you; please enjoin them to have faith in the Filipino, not in those predators posing as our altruistic Big Brothers when all they covet is our land. The RH Bill is coming from a place of fear, the fear of losing their worldly power and wealth. Filipinos have nothing to fear, because we have faith. In our simplicity we believe we are children of a loving Father who knows our needs and guides us to meet them—in His way.

Thank you for having read this far. We assure you of our prayers. And with all due respect, we wish to let you know that we will be giving your mother and your wife a copy of this letter.


This article by Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS, came out in the author's column, And that's the truthCBCP Monitor, the official publication of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, April 25-May 8, 2011 issue, page 5

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