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Monday, May 9, 2011

RH Bill -- Ethical Analysis and Objections

Fr. Joaquin Ferrer SVD, Ph.D is a full-time Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan. He has just published a scholarly paper, 30 pages long, rigorously analyzing House Bill 96, the best-known version of the Reproductive Health Bill before its consolidation. Despite its title ("RH96, Ethical Analysis and Objections: Developing Common Ground for Dialogue), the paper does not deviate from, and in fact strongly supports, the position of the Church on this issue.

Despite the title, this paper also analyzes the flawed aspects of the bill from the demographic, medical, economic and legal perspectives.

Nevertheless, the points raised in this article remain valid even with the advent of the consolidated bill, as can be seen below. 

The initial, pre-publication draft was published on this blog on February 15, 2011: A thorough presentation of the objections to the RH Bill

The following is the final version of this paper, as published in the Nanzan Management Review (March 2011 issue):

Accompanying this article is a detailed comparison of House Bill 96 (on which this critique is based) and the consolidated version of the various Reproductive Bills -- House Bill 4244, thus proving that the critique remains relevant:

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