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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why are we pro-lifers like this?

Another for the "better late than never" category :)

by Anna Cosio

Discussing why I am personally against the bill would entail hours of writing. But since blogs are meant to be short and easy to read, I will just share with you guys the main reasons why I think such a bill is not the solution to the country’s problems. My reasons happen to be the same as those by the Catholic Church. If you’re in a hurry, you can just read the parts in bold letters. I hope that through this, those who support the RH Bill would at least rethink, if not totally change their views about life and the acts that are against it.

1. I pay my taxes and I don’t like the government using my money for something that is totally against my values and beliefs. Once the RH Bill is passed into law, the government will allocate a budget for “contraceptives and sterilization.” And I am against those things. They are against my Faith. Where is freedom of religion there if they leave me with no choice but to pay for those things through my taxes? The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, would it be just to use the people’s money to fund some programs that are simply anti-life, anti-Catholic?

2. The RH Bill has punitive measures against those who will not obey the Bill’s provisions. For sure, we’ll find many faithful priests, school owners, and medical practitioners behind bars if this bill is passed. Again, where is freedom of religion there? Where is respect for one’s beliefs?

3. The Philippines is NOT overpopulated, but there IS “over-concentration” of people in the urban areas– and this is a fact, according to the National Statistics Office (NSO) itself. So the Population Committee, whatever their hidden agenda is, should simply stop pushing this bill. You’re solving the wrong problem, guys, and with the wrong solution at that. Just like in nursing: Wrong assessment = wrong nursing diagnosis = wrong nursing care plan = wrong interventions = ineffective nursing care. One of the causes of poverty is “a flawed philosophy of development” and RH Bill is a good example of that.

4. “Moral corruption is the root of all corruption.” (CBCP) And P-Noy, during his campaign, said, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” True. I just hope he digs deeper into the cause of the problem and see that greed is rooted in a corrupted conscience. Because you cannot distribute the country’s resources fairly, you’re just going to prevent birth of new citizens? How selfish. Greedy. Exactly the mentality of the corrupt.

5. “Contraceptives provide a false sense of security that takes away the inhibition to sexual activity.” (CBCP) Where the use of contraceptives is prevalent, there the higher rates of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and HIV/AIDS are. “Safe sex to diminish abortion rates is false propaganda.” (CBCP) History repeats itself because we don’t learn from past mistakes and the mistakes of others.

6. I simply do not trust schools teaching sex education to my children (in the future). I’ve met enough untrustworthy teachers in my life– teachers with distorted values (or no values at all). Who knows? My children (in the future) might encounter them someday as their sex education teachers. O God, spare their innocence. Parents are still the best teachers of this subject. Even Sharon Cuneta said this on one of those advocacy advertisements.

7. Not all women have right and formed consciences. The proponents of the RH Bill claim that such bill empowers women without dictate of any religion, BUT with dictate of the government. Are they saying it’s better to follow human law than divine law? Seriously, what does the Philippine government know about morality? Poor women of the Philippines… trying to be like the so-called liberated women of the West who had been used by men, whose dignity had been trampled upon, and they still think that’s empowerment.

I have seen the RH Bill and I’ve read almost the entire thing to avoid biases. Yea, there are good programs, but I think those programs for health can be handled by the Department of Health. Those programs, like care of the pregnant mother and the newborn, education on family planning, and the like are already existent. They only have to be reinforced. Might I just suggest improving the sterile practices in lying-in clinics? They’ve been breaking the principles of asepsis there (based on what I’ve seen in my duties). Instead of buying contraceptives, they could buy autoclaves instead.

Read the RH Bill yourself and you’ll understand why we “Pro-Lifers” are like this.

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