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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st-Philippine Pro-Democracy Movement's Manifesto versus the RH Bill

From the Facebook page of the 1st-Philippine Pro-Democracy (1-PRODEM) Foundation:

The 1st Philippine Pro-Democracy (1-PRODEM) Foundation is a non stock, non-profit organization composed of professionals coming from different fields of discipline. Our organization advocates for a realization of a progressive, responsible and organized democracy towards a genuine sustainable national development. 1-PRODEM do recognize the importance of life and its value in building a nation The entire country at present is divided on the issue of the Reproductive Health Bill. Numerous sectors of the society such as the church, youth, politicians and the academe made their stand on the issue.

1-PRODEM having the advocacy of realizing peace of national unification, we would like to put in record our strong critical opposition to the RH Bill and do stand for its immediate rejection.

In as much as we recognized the impact of rapid population increase as a deterrent to national development, we do not believe that passing the RH Bill would help decrease the population and will have an impact to economic development, the economic problems in our country is not the direct effect of population increase, the problem of population increase whose effect is poverty is brought about by the terrorism, insurgency and other relevant variables.

Base on the manifestations presented by the proponents of RH Bill, they categorically proclaim that the rapid increase in population causes poverty and economic problem. We strongly opposed this manifestation for the reason that the root cause of rapid population increase and poverty is almost the half a century of bloody insurgency and terrorism in our country. Sadly to say, such problem of terrorism is not being presented on the discussion table as a cause of poverty. These terrorists as classified by the US State Department are the Abu Sayyaf, CPP/NPA/NDF, MILF, and MNLF. These terrorist groups are forcing people from the provinces to migrate to urban center such as the overcrowded National Capital Region in search for peace and of better economic opportunities.

Opportunities of economic growth and development in provinces where terrorism and insurgencies is present cannot prosper for the reason that potential investors are afraid to establish investments that will create employment and livelihood to the local constituents, Also, this migration from provinces to key urban cities causes overpopulation, thus creating problems in job opportunities, housing, food requirements and other variables. These lacks of job opportunities according to studies have a great impact on criminal activities such as petty crimes, robberies, and other crimes against person.

1-PRODEM also conducted a study on the informal settlers in Metro Manila, the findings of the study states that most people who live in squatter areas are those who were displace in provinces, where terrorism and insurgency is present. The finding also states that most people in squatter areas whose head of the family is unemployed have an average children of six to seven, compared to families living in subdivision and condominiums who happens to be employed, their average children is two. This indicates that lack of employment and poverty in our country causes the rapid increase in population.

In a nutshell, other sectors such as the church, and medical community have presented their opposition base on their advocacy and discipline, which our organization, 1-PRODEM categorically support.

1-PRODEM critically opposed the RH Bill on the premise that the passage of the bill will not prevent population increase and this bill would not reduce the poverty in our country. As far as terrorism and insurgency is not suppress in the Philippines, the problem of poverty will still remain, and population increase cannot be prevented. Our legislators must concentrate on proposing bills that would suppress terrorism and insurgency. Ergo, our calls to our honorable legislator are to FIGHT TERRORISM, SUPPRESS POVERTY and REJECT the Reproductive Health Bill.

This is the only way that we could realize a genuine progressive, responsible and organize democracy toward a sustainable national development.

1st Philippine Pro-Democracy Foundation, Inc. (1PRODEM)


  1. 1PRODEM stand is so timely and we must spread it

  2. This declaration is so full of non- sequitur that it's just so silly.It did not address any specific on the RH bill at all.

  3. How can it be silly Art Catapang, the manifesto do really indicate the direct problem of poverty.. 1-PRODEM did not tackle the technicalites of the RH Bill coz its like a chicken and egg argument. Poverty is indeed cause by Terrorism,,. and that the reality..Legislators should really concentrate on proposing Bills that would help the economy and not this RH Bill...