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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another atheist who decries the RH Bill

The following is from the pen of "BongV", the webmaster of the AntiPinoy website. BongV has written much anti-Catholic stuff and the inclusion of his article in the blog is by no means an endorsement of his philosophy. This article is included solely to show that opposition to the RH bill is not merely "a Catholic thing", but is supported by strong economic and demographic arguments that non-Catholics can agree with. 

NO NEED FOR RH BILL: The View of An Atheist Secular Filipino
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What’s with this – if you are not for RH Bill you are not Secular? That’s a logical fallacy. A non-sequitur.

I am an atheist, for individual liberty, small government, small taxes – and against the RH bill because it is not the right solution to poverty alleviation – econ lib is.

To support RH Bill so that one will be seen as “secular” is wrong.

Given the same amount of time and congressmen – which has the biggest impact on poverty? RH or econ lib? Priorities… Pareto Principle.

Econ lib addresses the issues of population and econ growth – RH bill and free condoms creates MORE MENDICANTS whose votes can be bought with taxpayers money – your money – that’s throwing good money after bad.

Why take a seriously flawed bill if it’s not doing you any good? A fool and his money are soon parted.



  1. cant help but notice the only atheists you feature here are ALL objectivists. their philosophy dictates them to reject all forms of socialized services. they object not only using taxpayer's money to give out contraceptives, but all forms of assistance towards the poor - no free medical services, no public schooling, no social services. if you're poor, you starve. Helping others is a grave sin for them.

    ask yourself - are these the kinds of people you want to be associated with the anti-RH cause?

  2. @anonymous. You're stupid wrong and shooting on a straw man. I am an atheist and I don't have to agree with the RH Bill. And I care for the poor you f@#king idiot. I just think that people's money should better be spent on educating people or make them more productive citizens rather than make them poor beggars.