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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Proud Mother versus the RH Bill

By "Twinkle" (Life in Colors blog)

I AM AGAINST RH BILL. Before you curse me and say I’m one of the old-fashioned moralists, you can spare yourself the trouble because I would love to be called that way. You see, I am not the typical Ms. Goody Two Shoes. In fact, I have fair share of troubles. I am one of the many “teen moms”—the one who you laugh at dinner time for being too careless with her love life. I am one of them. In fact, I married young, with the wrong guy, because now we’re separated. I have enough reasons to go to the street and say “keep your rosaries out of my ovaries”.

So now comes the bill that could have saved me from being a stupid young mom, but why am I not happy about it? Let me tell you why.

Abortion entered my mind the moment I realized I am pregnant. But faith saved me from doing so. I always believe that everything in this world is planned by HIM. It’s God’s grace to allow us to experience things we could have been better without. So believing that God will never leave me empty, I went through the pregnancy while I kept my head down as people made a feast out of my life. Boy, it was never a cloud nine experience. I could almost recall how many “disgusting” smiles I had with people, worst, from some of my relatives. If parents could create a model of a life that their children should never patronize, it would be mine. If there is a boarder that separates the good and the bad, I am on the latter.

My life had been a constant episode of trying-to-prove-I-am-worthy. It was hard to follow the life of a typical teenager after you’ve been tagged with immorality. But now, all I can do is smile when thinking the days I questioned God why I had to go through hell. I realized that my life could have never been this good if I never have to cross that path. Possibly, I am still one of the teenagers who party all night, the one who can drop dead anytime because no one will ever care. The kids and the experience gave me perspective in life.

So back to the RH bill, I believe that God gave us purposes in this life. The approval of this bill will let us meddle with His will. How many times a woman did tried contraceptive pills because she thinks it is not still the best time to conceive? How can one recognize that it is exactly the perfect time? When did human ever have the ability to see what the future holds? No matter how steady your life would be, no matter how you enjoy a high-paying job, you could never decide when the best time to get pregnant is. No one ever comes ready for it. It’s an experience that needs learning. It is something that comes to anyone, almost unexpectedly. It is a blessing indeed.

RH Bill will never make us enjoy sex. Since when did we appreciate what’s normal? You wake up each day without going through the ecstatic moment of “aha! The sun is shining”. The sun will continue to shine each day; there is nothing amazing about it. So if we can have sex with anyone without getting pregnant, it will become a norm. It will become a boringly tedious norm. Its meaning will be lost. So for some who thinks that we could enjoy sex better if there’s the RH bill? Go on and make me laugh more. The RH bill will make us no better than the nomads who indulge into something without thinking about the consequence.

RH Bill is never pro-poor. It’s a way for officials to cover the dents they made in the government. It’s a system who let a pot calls the kettle black. If we really want to become progressive, why not change our morals? Are we that powerful to stop the future because we can handle the present on our own hands? Don’t we need the children of tomorrow to help us with our present? If children and poor had always been the priority of government then why are they not welcome in our society now?

RH Bill is an issue of morality and this is an issue that involves the women specially. If RH bill will be approved we will lost our decency. We could anticipate a future were families are broken, were whores cohabit with your husband because sex will then be free. We could look forward to a place where baby boomers are plenty and babies who brighten our day are nothing but rare species. Will we be progressive by that time? Maybe yes. But will we be happy?

I am a proud mom, I am Pro-Life.

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